Member Satisfaction

5 Key Tips for Member Retention at Your Club

How to retain your tennis members

Are you worried about member retention at your tennis club? When you’re one of the leaders of a tennis club, you always want to promote exclusivity and let potential members know all of the perks of being on the inside. Getting members to join is hard, but getting members to stick around can be even…

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Pen and Paper… OH MY!

PEN AND PAper... OH MY! (2)

It may surprise you but our biggest competitor is simply pen and paper. Even though we are living in the age of innovation and technology, sports clubs are still are on the lower end of the scale when it comes to adopting and leveraging technology at their club or facility. The biggest push-back we continue…

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5 Effective Recruitment Ideas To Grow Your Tennis Club Memberships

Young family entering tennis club.

Playing tennis can improve many aspects of your life from brainpower to heart health. So why are there still empty courts at your club? In this article, we’ll look at five recruitment ideas to help you get more locals swinging a racket. 1. Open Days for Current Members’ Friends and Family If your members are…

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The Complete Guide for a Better Club Website

You probably don’t need a reminder to keep your club fresh, clean, and operating smoothly. Those are table stakes for any club committed to keeping current members happy and attracting new ones. However, in the Digital Age, an appealing and useful club website is equally important. Without a strong presence on the web, you risk…

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What is Pickleball and Why Is It so Popular?

You would be forgiven for asking what is pickleball, although it’s only a matter of time before that question becomes redundant. Pickleball was created in the mid-1960’s but recently it has become one of the fastest growing sports in the United States — so popular that many cities in Utah have started to build dedicated…

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Stop the Court Hog

When a member joins your club, it comes with an expectation they will be treated the same as every other member. Bottom line – no preferential treatment. If members are not able to have the same access to opportunities as others, they will begin to question why, and their perceived value of their membership will…

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What are your “side perks”?

When a member is looking for a club to join and play at they look at your overall amenities and what I like to call “side perks”. Does your club provide high quality teaching pros to help improve or teach them the fundamentals?  Does your club provide resources so they can practice on their own…

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Time is a Precious Commodity

In today’s fast paced world, time is a precious commodity. One of the quickest ways to frustrate your members is to make them feel that you are costing them time.  If a member is paying top dollar to be part of your club, they are paying for court time, access to events, social connection, and…

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